Svitla Smart Talk: Adventures in TensorFlow.js. Event summary.

On April 6th, 2021, Svitla Systems hosted a webinar led by Gant Laborde titled “Adventures in TensorFlow.js.” Gant Laborde is an owner of Infinite Red, mentor, adjunct professor, published author, and award-winning speaker. For 20 years, he’s been involved in software development and continues strong today. He is an “open sourcerer,” team leader, and aspires to one day become a mad scientist. He blogs, creates videos, and maintains popular repositories for the community.

As Gant mentioned, “machine learning is beautiful, especially in the browser! Let’s explore it together!”

The webinar focused on an introduction to machine learning along with tasks that can be solved with this approach. Gant explained in detail how to use machine learning in JavaScript. For instance, the NSFW JS library for client-side indecent content checking was analyzed and explained, diving into the functionality and correctness of this library.

Gant also made a very good presentation on making models for machine learning. TensorFlow.js and BrainJS were discussed as successful implementations of machine learning algorithms in JavaScript.

Gant Laborde recommended his book “Learning TensorFlow.js” from O’Reilly as a great source of knowledge in the area of machine learning for practical usage.

Tons of questions were answered and commented on by Gant during the live discussion session after the first part of the webinar.

We highly recommend that you watch the video on our YouTube channel for more information and cool insights.

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